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„Un plan machiavélique...“ La Liberation


„This project, as I understand it, is a meditation on the economics of Google...“ John Battelle`s Searchblog

"In 23 million years, Google will fall to the rebellion." Village Voice

"When we contacted Google, it said that it does not comment on individual AdSense users. According the Google Will Eat Itself site, the Mountain View search giant has turned off at least some of the group's click-generating sites." The Register

"It is the net.art of an Internet that is no longer an open field of experimentation, but a corporate space. The dark-humorous actionism of the piece manifests yet another resolution of the conflict that had originally voiced by Moles and Debord, technical formalism versus agency." Florian Cramer

„The project is a critique of Google's growing monopoly of information.“ Guerilla-Innovation.com

„En la vertiente del activismo critico con los mecanismos de la Red, ... han creado GWEI, la tipica pagina de comercio electronico plagada de anuncios de Adsense...“ El Pais

"Der Ton des Briefs ist freundlich, aber bestimmt. Man sei kürzlich auf das Projekt "Google will eat itself" aufmerksam geworden, schreibt Arndt Haller von der Rechtsabteilung der deutschen Google-Niederlassung." Spiegel Online

"I princippet vil Googles klikreklame-system købe sig selv. Smart!" Cultur Cronikker

"Autocannibalismi... l’intento resta quello di iniettare un virus sociale (“let’s share their shares”)" Exibart

"This is indeed cybernetic critique!" Søren Pold

"If Google is in danger of over-diversifying its product range, its source of income remains largely one-dimensional - and therefore potentially vulnerable. Google makes its money from advertising." BBC

„Google Will Eat Itself is the sort of Web-based conceptual art project that could only have been conceived somewhere between the second and third hits off somebody's brushed-steel, Bauhaus-inspired bong.“ Village Voice

"In conceptual art the idea or concept is the most important aspect of the work. When an artist uses a conceptual form of art, it means that all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a perfunctory affair. The idea becomes a machine that makes the art." Sol LeWitt

"With enough Web pages and enough "zombie" computers, each clicking and receiving clicks just a few times a day, they can create this tidy business that's nearly impossible to detect, says Ken Dunham, a Web-security expert with Verisign-owned iDefense. "They're bloodsucking mosquitoes, and you just can't get them all," says Dunham, who works with law enforcement officials to track down hackers and online con artists." Business Week

"Das theoretische Konstrukt GWEI steht in der Tradition konzeptueller Kunst, bei der eine Handlungsanleitung ausgeführt wird (in diesem Fall übernimmt die Maschine die Ausführung). Clickhere.ch

"...der Sinn des Google-Angriffs soll doch wohl sein: Verwirrung zu stiften, symbolische Dissonanz zu erzeugen, den Blick zu schärfen für die virtuellen Mechanismen, die Google zu einem gigantisch aufgeblähten Global Player gemacht haben." Sueddeutsche Zeitung

La stima è che ci vorranno circa 202.546.295 anni prima che GWEI possieda interamente Google. Ma non importa quanto tempo, un giorno il motore di ricerca più potente al mondo apparterrà agli stessi utenti che attraverso dei semplici click ne avranno ottenuto il monopolio. Unita

"Such artists now seem a bit old-fashioned..." The Quardian

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