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+++ Project description (500 words maximum) that discusses your projectís core concept, how you will realize your project and your projectís feasibility. If you plan to work with assistants, consultants or collaborators, their roles and (if possible) names should be included.

GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself

We generate money by serving Google text advertisments on our website GWEI.org. With this money we automatically buy Google shares via our swiss e-banking account. We buy Google via their own advertisment! Google eats itself - but in the end we'll own it!

By establishing this model we deconstruct the new global advertisment mechanisms by rendering them into a surreal click-based economic model. We inject a social virus ("let's share their shares") into their commercial body hidden under a polite and friendly graphic surface.
Then we hand over the common ownership of Google to the GTTP-community - Google To The People.

A bit more in detail: One of Google's main revenue generators is the "Adsense" program: It places hundreds of thousands of little Google text-ads on websites around the world. Now we set up such an Adsense-Account for our GWEI.org website. Each time someone clicks on one of our Google text-ads, we receive a micropaiment and Google retains the same amount of money plus a certain percentage for its services - that's how they make their huge profit.

Google pays us monthly by check. Each time we receive enough money, we buy the next Google share [NASDAQ: GOOG, currently trade between 150-250 USD]. This is the “real new economy" - users get shares just for clicking!

So, how do we generate traffic and clicks? We use both a technical and a social level to reach our goal:

1. With a sophisticated and on-the-edge browser-server tool [flash/php] we generate a steady flow of clicks. We are locking the software on a limited amout of pageviews [~2500] and clicks [~200] per day. There is no difference between human clicking and this level of machine generated clicks - we are no script-kiddies but bastard artists.

2. Additional to that we use our GTTP-community* to spread the site and do pageviews & clicks. Low key social engineering through our neural.it & ubermorgen.com networks can aggregate waves of inconspicuous clicks.

GWEI.org/gwei/ is the web-site to show-case and unveil a total monopoly of information [Google search-engine & added services], a weakness of the new global advertisment system and the renaissance of the "new economic bubble" - "reality" is, Google is currently valued more than all Swiss Banks together (sic). Let's open their goldmine to the people, as long as we are able to.

+++++ pls note: all URLs work in progress +++++

Global Web Marketing & E-Business Information

Google Will Eat Itself – Project & Process
login: gwei , password: googlevirus

Google To The People – Community
login: gttp , password: googleshares

*The GGTP-Community is not only a clicking community but also active in putting the "demo" back into "demonstration" by "simultaneous-keyword-searches" and "sponsored-link-clicking" on Google.com. This demonstration accounts for high costs to the advertiser. A click on a prominent sponsored links on Google.com [keyword: tourism] will charge up to USD 11.- to the target website owner. Google was on track to pull in 4 billion dollars in 2004.

how you will realize your project and your projectís feasibility

We work mainly through skype & email, and the project coordinators Hans Bernhard and Alessandro Ludovico meet up frequently for work sessions. Because it is mainly a web-project, it can be realised in different dimensions without having to canibalize the core idea.

Additional people we work with on the project:

Paolo Cirio, coder, Flash & php application, Milano / Italy
Jason Hobbs, Information Architect, Information structure & diagramatic analyses, Johannesburg, South Africa
Michael McGarry, Designer, Visualisation, Johannesburg, South Africa
Marcus Neustetter, The Trinity Session, Artist & Curator, transformation processes, Johannesburg, South Africa
Stephen Hobbs, The Trinity Session, Artist & Curator, transformation processes, Johannesburg, South Africa


+ project budget, which should include your own fee. If you have other funding sources for your project, please indicate this in your budget.



Office rent
Infrastructure & administrative overhead
Computer equipment
Hosting & domain
Expenses & honorary for 3rd parties


Transport & communication
Total Expenses
Bundeskanzeramt Wien (Austrian government, Art foundation)
Covered by ourselves or other funding
Total Income

+++ Your resume or Curriculum Vitae.
For collaborative groups, provide either a collective CV or the CVís of all participants.

Hans Bernhard

Hans Bernhard, 1973, lives and works in Vienna and St. Moritz, founder of etoy.com & ubermorgen.com. Aliases: hans_extrem, etoy.HANS, etoy.BRAINHARD, David Arson, Dr. Andreas Bichlbauer, h_e, net_CALLBOY, Luzius A. Bernhard, Andy Bichlbaum, Bart Kessner. Place of Birth: Yale University Hospital, New Haven. Holds an M.F.A. in visual media from the University of applied arts in Vienna, Prof. Peter Weibel.

"His style can be described as a digital mix between Andy Kaufman and Jeff Koons, his actions can be seen as underground Barney and early John Lydon, his "Gesamtkunstwerk" has been described as pseudo duchampian and beuyssche and his philosophy is best described in the ubermorgen slogan: "It's different because it is fundamentally different!"" Bart Kessner. 1996 Hans Bernhard was awarded with the golden Nica [etoy / the digital hijack; net.category, Prix Ars Electronica]. Hans Bernhard is also an expert in the Runme.org board.

Behind ubermorgen we can find one of the most uncatchable identities - controversial and iconoclast - of the contemporary european techno-fineart avantgarde. ubermorgen is a german word for "super-tomorrow". french philosopher jean beaudrillard once said about ubermorgen: "ubermorgen means the day after tomorrow, a slight tip towards their aestehtic and activist vision and prejudice, they are hardcore and radical in their actions and they are extremely strange and highly intelligent people". The permanent amalgamation of fact and fiction points toward an extremely expanded concept of one’s working materials, which for ubermorgen also include international rights [Legal Art], democracy and global communication networks.

Projects include: Voteauction, The Injunction generator, AnuScan.com, *THE*AGENCY* for manual election recount, NAZI~LINE [with C. Schlingensief], BMDI.de, WTO Salzburg [with The Yes Men], Pixelpainting, Webpainting, [F]original. Hans Bernhards work includes etoy, the etoy.CORPORATION, The etoy.holding, the digital hijack, etoy.SHARES and the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM.

ubermorgens core activity is media hacking - finding weak spots on and off the global market of attention; mass media & fine art. Due to this fact, several hundred clean cut news features in art publications [Artforum, Flashart, Nettime, Rhizome, Domus] as well as international mass media [CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC.., Radio & News-Papers – New York Times, Le Monde, NZZ -, all leading Online Publications ] and a variety of underground media [Neural.it, Hacktivist, Samisdat, alt.bin.kittenporn, Newsgroups & Mailingslists] were published. 2003 ubermorgen received a "Honorary Mention" from Ars Electronica media festival in Linz / Austria.

Exhibitions: Konsthall Malmoe, NTT ICC Tokyo, Lentos Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, Kunsthaus Graz, Ars Electronica KOP Taiwan, EXPO.02 Switzerland Aldrich Contemporary Art, c3 Budapest, Museu d`Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Blasthaus San Francisco, Secession, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, ART Basel.

Alessandro Ludovico

Alessandro Ludovico is a media critic and editor in chief of Neural magazine from 1993 (Honorary Mention, Net.Vision, Prix Ars Electronica 2004).

He has written: 'Virtual Reality Handbook' (1992), 'Internet Underground.Guide' (1995), 'Suoni Futuri Digitali' (Future Digital Sounds, 2000). He's one of the founding contributor of the Nettime community and of the 'Mag.Net (European Cultural Publishers)' organization.

He writes for various international magazines and is also an expert in the Runme.org board, a collaborator of the Digitalkraft exhibitions, and has curated different new media art exhibitions. Weekly he conducts 'Neural Station' a radio show on electronic music and digital culture and is part of the n.a.m.e. (normal audio media environment) group.


+ Up to 5 work samples. Note: More is not necessarily better. You should include only work samples relevant to your proposal. If your proposal has nothing to do with photography, donít include images from your photography portfolio. Please provide contextualizing
information (title, date, medium, perhaps a brief description) to help the jury understand what they are looking at. The work sample can take any form, as long as it is accessible via the web.

http://www.vote-auction.net - [V]ote-Auction 2000, Internet, THE ubermorgen media hack, Vote buying and auctioning during presidential election G.W. Bush and Al Gore 2000. The most stunning stunt in mass media featureing ubermorgen in a CNN exclusive (27 Min. Burden of proof), CIA, NSA, Janet Reno, 14 State Attorneys, 5 Law suits, over 2500 News features...

http://www.ipnic.org - The Injunction Generator, Internet, 2001, affirmative tool, media hack. The Injunction generator automatically generates and sends off court orders on your demand. Do you wanna get rid of a web-site? Use the IG, just do it!

- The digital hijack, 1996, Internet, search engine "media hack". In the early years of the www, etoy hijacked people from search-engines through sophisticated robot-technology. They were guided into a scary & complex web-site system.

- The etoy.SHARES, 1998-2005, Internet, "social" media hack. Cultural shares of the etoy.CORPORATION are being sold to art collectors, museums and governments [the first buyer was the austrian cancelor Viktor Klima 1998]. The etoy.SHARES are the only "etoy.PRODUCT" on the art market.

, 2003, Internet, fine art "media hack". Monochrome, a Text about THE_WHITE_WEBSITE by Peter Weibel was renamed and reissued [and sent out to art magazines] in the name of curator super star Hans Ulrich Obrist and sent off from Bruno Latours email address. It was the issue of dozens of articles and was published in a couple of magazines.




































































































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